Take 2

After heading back to the UK for a couple of weeks due to a sudden family bereavement I am now back in Thailand, staying in Bangkok for a few days. I found a fairly reasonable last minute flight on sky scanner to go back and helped Troy out a bit at work while I was home to make some of the cash back but it has been a serious amount of flying!! I think I now know what proper Jet Lag feels like.

Will check out KhaoSan road later I think, not sure yet if I will be eating any scorpions or cockroaches! Apparently that is a thing there. Vietnam on Monday for a month then Cambodia, Thailand again to meet a friend for Xmas and New Year and then Laos and Indonesia. Not sure where after that yet. I better start taking some photos I guess!…..

Anyway, Rest in Peace Nan, will miss you and glad I was able to come back to take part in the send off.

1 thought on “Take 2

  1. Good to see you back on your adventure and lovely pic of you and nan. Enjoy and keep posting xx


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