Next Adventure

This blog will now be two things – a document of any travels or adventures I am lucky enough to go on and I also envision that it will become a sort of “lifestyle change” blog. More on that later.

In 2017 / 2018, I went travelling solo for nearly a year and wrote about my adventures in this blog. It was a great experience and I have many memories (most of them good, some of them bad) that will stay with me (especially as I wrote about them in this blog) – the stunning countries I visited and also the various people I met along the way.

When I was back home, it was great at first. The best thing about it was reconnecting with friends I hadn’t seen for a while and there was a great sense of comfort in coming back to the familiar. I came back with a much healthier body, a new positive attitude and a fresh resolve to approach life with a “can-do” perspective. To really start living.

Well 6 months later and I was right back where I started – drinking too much at the weekends, eating too much junk food and sugar, stressed out, not doing enough exercise,the reading on the scales inching ever forward to a place I didn’t want them to be – and just generally felt a bit miserable and anxious. When I was travelling and after I went to Laos, I reduced the sugars I took in my tea to zero. I was now back up to 2. That’s how bad things were getting.

I agree that travelling can change you but only for a short while – once you are back on your home ground and settled into a working routine the old unhealthy ways start seeping back in. For me anyway, I think real change must come from somewhere deeper then that – maybe it should come from the internal rather than the external. I don’t know yet, I have just started looking. Maybe I found myself but then I lost myself again.

You see it is the monotony of routine that always drags me back down – after a good dosage of that, I need an escape from that routine and without travel it is usually unhealthy things that serve me.

So as luck would have it I recently came across a job opportunity which will allow me to work in the Cayman Islands for at least a year. I like to write so I intend to document the highlights of that year (or longer), funny moments and any adventures that may come with it. I am moving there next month so that will start then.

In addition to this change of location, I have also set myself a goal to drastically change other aspects of my life starting today – 13th April 2019 – with the aim of improving my health and overall wellbeing. I intend to write about that too.

The next couple of posts will explain why I feel this sudden urge to change my “self” i.e what is that I think is so “wrong” with me now. Then I will review the first couple of things I am going to try in this middle aged quest for fulfilment – yoga and meditation. Yoga and Meditation probably represent the actual antithesis of who I perceive myself to be so it should be interesting.

I have tried to change a lot of times in my life. I don’t know if you ever get the feeling yourself but sometimes a wave of energy just takes over me and I resolve to change everything – my diet, my fitness, my health, my whole life – but inevitably that wave slowly fades away after a while and I fall back into my old ways. This time it is different though. This time it is not New Years Day.




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