I am a 38-year-old man from the UK.

A year or so ago, after nearly 18 years of office work, I had what my friends really enjoyed calling “an early mid-life crisis” and decided to sack in the job and went travelling solo for 10 months. I wrote about it in this blog.

Although I am probably a bit old to be saying “I found myself” on that trip I really think I did. But then I lost myself again. I came back with a whole new lease on life but within a few months was back into my old ways of living a pretty unhealthy and somewhat inactive life.

Recently, I have come across an opportunity to work abroad in the Cayman Islands. This blog will now become a diary of any adventures, challenges (and hopefully funny moments) relating to that new adventure.

This new opportunity for a life change has woken something up inside me and – for reasons I will explain in more detail in the blog – I have decided that as well as my location I am going to change other aspects of my life with the aim of improving my overall health and wellbeing.

I am going to experiment and try all sorts of different things relating to health, fitness, well-being, meditation, yoga, diet, spirituality etc and write about what works and what doesn’t work. Basically, I am just going to dive in and consume myself in self-help and self-improvement for a year and see where it takes me and how it changes me.

And I will report back diligently – usually, these moments of resolve don’t last very long so in order to try and keep things going I thought it would help me to write about that journey as well so I envision this will become a sort of “lifestyle change” blog as well.

I will write about all my experiences on this middle-aged odyssey – Yes you better believe I said “odyssey” – of self-improvement.

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