Day one

Ok so first stop is Thailand just for a few days before connecting onto Vietnam for a month. Managed to find a last minute flight for £39 from Bangkok to Hanoi on 24th October which was cheaper than booking it all together with a connecting to Vietnam. I honestly cannot believe how cheap flights are within South East Asia, it is pretty much the same price as getting a coach or train in Europe. Found a flight for £52 from Bangkok to Bali too.

Doing it all a bit back to front as I am meeting a friend in Thailand for Xmas / New Year so will be doing Vietnam, then Cambodia, Thailand and Laos for the first part of the trip. Then I am off to meet my brother in Indonesia.

Anyway, I have always wanted to visit Vietnam so really looking forward to that, one of the first things I was planning on doing there was a bit of trekking in Sapa and then a motorbike trip for 3 – 4 days in North Vietnam but not sure what the situation is up there as there have been a lot of floods and landslides following some typhoons earlier this month so will just research and ask around when I get there.

For the first day I did everything I promised myself I wouldn’t do – I drank too much beer, stayed in bed late and had a Starbucks for breakfast. I’m just going to call it a first day glitch, local food from now on! I did meet a really sound German couple though and had a few games of pool / watched some live music with them so was good anyway.

In order to make up for the guilt I was feeling for going to a western coffee chain, I went to visit a temple and took 2 photos. Well I didn’t promise anything special here! I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to take pictures when actually inside the temple so I decided not to.

It is probably only my Mum who will read this anyway but I enjoy writing and it will be good to read back on it myself after the trip and look at all the photos etc so I will do an update every couple of weeks or so and will hopefully have a lot more photos by the next update.

1 thought on “Day one

  1. Lovely buildings. Remember to sample all the local food ! X


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